WORKOUT ATTIRE: a crisscross back and Lucy leggings

July 11, 2016

LUCY ‘Revolution Run’ leggings : shop here // LULULEMON top : shop similar here, here and here // NIKE ‘Air Max 2015’ shoes : shop here // CELINE sunglasses : shop here

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As many of you may know, I’ve spent the majority of my life in workout clothes. Unfortunately, playing basketball throughout my childhood and then in college didn’t lead to the cutest attire (oversized shorts, chunky ankle braces and manly cutoff tees haha!). Most of my workout clothes were team issued gear that for some reason always came in a size Men’s medium…I was always very envious of those tennis girls in their cute skirts and trendy tops. So I’m always super excited to buy workout clothes that actually fit me and look cute! This week we’ll be looking at WORKOUT ATTIRE and I’ll be sharing 3 of my favorite looks!

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Investing in a great pair of leggings is something every woman should do. When shopping for the perfect pair of workout leggings, I keep in mind 3 things: length, color and fabric. Even though leggings are somewhat amorphous, there is a right length and shape for your body. For example, I have pretty defined calves so I always buy leggings that extend past my calves instead of ones that cut below the knee; this streamlines your leg shape for a more flattering look. Secondly, be sure to find a pair that’s a color that will match your other workout clothes. I recently snatched up a pair of bright pink spandex but find it impossible to wear it with anything else I own! Lastly, the fabric of your bottoms is the most important. I love these LUCY leggings because they’re made from a quality, very thick (no see through here!), stretchy, but form fitting material. Nothing is worse than your leggings constantly riding up on you or cutting off your circulation while you’re trying to work out!

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(^insider tip: a single French braid is a great way to keep your hair out of your face when working out)

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Not only should you find your go-to pair of leggings you can throw on for the gym or to go grocery shopping after work, but it’s smart to invest in a few tops you love. While I sometimes find myself picking up$10-$20 tops I randomly come across, I find these lower quality tanks can’t handle the trauma of being washed all the time. I’m a loyal customer of Lululemon not only because of their incredibly cute styles, but because they make extremely high quality products. I purchased my first Lululemon sports bra in middle school because I was having an allergic reaction to the elastic in other bras (Lululemon is also hypo-allergenic!). My mom bought me 5 bras at the time and 14 years later, I still wear the same 5 bras. From the countless teams I’ve been on, I would say I practiced 6 days a week from 2002-2012…so I had worn and washed each bra over 600 times throughout my athletic career, and there is not 1 thread out of place. Talk about a quality product!! You will not be disappointed with a Lululemon investment, I promise!

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LUCY ‘Revolution Run’ leggings : shop here // LULULEMON top : shop similar here, here and here // NIKE ‘Air Max 2015’ shoes : shop here // CELINE sunglasses : shop here

Even though I probably look like a total wreck after working out, the least I can do is have cute clothes while doing it! It’s hard to find pieces that are both fashionable, comfortable, and practical, but all 3 of these items are just that. These LUCY leggings are all you’d ever want in a workout pant, I love the style and quality of this LULULEMON top, and there are no better tennis than these Nike AirMax’s. You guys know I’m extremely picky about my workout gear so I promise you’ll love all three…

Feel free to shoot me any questions about sizing or fit! Happy Monday!



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    Great post thanks! Love cute work out clothes, especially when they have a feminine flair. I’m not finding the same top that you have featured in the post – Lulu is it? I like how it skirts out. Please share a link for the top in the photo. Thanks!

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