THE STRAW HAT: a breezy outfit for the end of summer

September 19, 2016

PANTROPIC hat: shop similar here and here, J CREW version here // VINCE espadrilles (on sale!): shop here and here and SEE BY CHLOE version here // FREE PEOPLE dress: shop here and black version here // VERA BRADLEY backpack: shop here and similar here


One accessory I can’t seem to stop buying is hats…for some reason there always seems to be a cute new one that ‘I just need to have!’. So for this week’s trend we’ll be looking at 3 of my favorite STRAW HATS that will take you from summer into fall.

black-hat-12-of-14 black-hat-2-of-14

As the weather continues to cool off a bit as summer comes to a close, I find myself not ready to go into full ‘sweater and boots mode’. It’s still been quite warm and sunny actually in Napa (in the high 90s!) so daytime activities require a solid sun hat so my face doesn’t fry. When shopping for a hat that is both functional and stylish, I keep in mind 3 things: brim size, color, and fit. For a sun hat, you’ll want to be sure you have a wide enough brim that will actually protect yourself from the sun; while fedoras and other styles are super cute, they probably won’t provide too much protection. Secondly, the color you choose plays a big factor. I find myself drawn to the pinks/reds/green often which are tougher to wear with most outfits; a black one like this can literally be thrown on with anything. And finally fit…the MOST important part! If you have a hat that doesn’t fit nicely on your head, you’ll be constantly adjusting and/or ditching it halfway through the day. Find a hat that has a comfortable band and isn’t falling off your head. At the bottom I’ve attached a sizing guide so you’ll be able to measure your head and get your hat size!

black-hat-3-of-14 black-hat-6-of-14 black-hat-7-of-14black-hat-10-of-14 black-hat-8-of-14 black-hat-9-of-14

When spending time in Napa, whether you are visiting or a local, there are a few things you need to keep in mind in regards to your wardrobe choice. I get asked quite often what to wear when visiting Napa and I always suggest a few things….1) wear flat-soled shoes: if you do anything winery related, there’s a chance you’ll be walking in the vineyard or at the very least around the winery. You’ll want a comfortable shoe that won’t sink in the dirt or get stuck in grass as you walk! These VINCE espadrilles are a great, versatile shoe or a nice wedge, flat or sandal would work best. 2) wear layers: we have a very unique climate here in the valley which lends to warm days and cooler nights. During the day you can sport your light dresses and rompers, but be sure to grab a sweater or jacket when venturing out at night or you’ll be quite chilly. 3) wear a hat: the best thing about Napa is it’s vineyards and weather, so prepare yourself for outside activities. Whether you are walking vineyards or eating lunch outside with your puppy, you’ll want to prepare yourself for that California sun!


When backpacks first starting making a comeback as a viable replacement for handbags, I was NOT on the backpack bandwagon. I associated backpacks with middle school, stuffed to the brim with textbooks and fruit roll ups. But I’ve recently felt the need for a little backpack that I can wear all day long. I get really tired of holding handbags and constantly needing to switch off which hands holds it or having that weird crooked posture a one-strap purse gives you…having a backpack that evenly distributes weight comfortably has been amazing! This VERY BRADLEY is the perfect additional as its a great medium size, fun color and made of a soft but structured leather.

black-hat-14-of-14 black-hat-13-of-14

PANTROPIC hat: shop similar here and here, J CREW version here // VINCE espadrilles (on sale!): shop here and here and SEE BY CHLOE version here // FREE PEOPLE dress: shop here and black version here // VERA BRADLEY backpack: shop here and similar here

While I’m dying to bust out my felt and wool hats for colder fall and winter days, I’ve still got my straw hats on the ready. I wear this black straw one out for a day of wine tasting, to the dog park, or for a pool day. Since we’re still experiencing summer weather, I opt for a straw hat to stay protected from the sun and to keep cool during the day.

Let me know if you guys have any questions about hat sizing or anything Napa related!




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