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The city of Athens: Greece part 1

June 5, 2017

Time for Athens!

After spending 8 days in Croatia (traveling to Dubrovnik, driving to Split, and ferrying to Hvar and Brac), we jumped on a quick hour and a half plane ride to Greece! We adored Croatia so had some very high expectations for Greece, and it didn’t disappoint. We were also meeting up with our friends Brad and Kate in Athens, so were very excited to explore this new country with them! Our first stop: the Acropolis.

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When ‘Athens’ was first picked as our initial stop in Greece, I pictured a small, bustling city with Greek columns adorning most buildings and a scenic views of the ancient city. While Athens is definitely bustling, it is absolutely HUMONGOUS. This is the biggest city I’ve ever seen…full of people and completely modern (think San Francisco on steroids). From the airport, we took a 50 minute train ride to get to the city center and where our Airbnb was located. Luckily once you’re in the heart of the city, you can simply walk around and not worry about having a car or taking a taxi…

One very interesting thing about the Acropolis is it’s actively being restored. While most of the structure is original (dating back to the fourth Millennium BC), there is new marble that is being added to this ancient building to keep it upright. The mix between old and new gives the Parthenon and other structures an interesting appearance and combines two eras thousands of years apart.

(^travel tip: get here early! We were here in mid-May and it was already quite hot and very crowded. I’d recommend arriving early in the morning and bring water! They only sell lemonade here haha)

Firstly, how cute a couple is Brad and Kate?! Joe grew up with Brad in Lodi, and Brad and Kate met in San Francisco about 4 years ago. These two used to live in the city but moved to Napa a couple years ago (yay!), so now we’re neighbors. Kate is also a Rodan and Fields consultant (clearly, look how amazing her skin is!), so be sure to give her a hollar if you’re in need of some of the best skincare products in the US! Secondly, look how populated Athens is in the backdrop of this photo!! And this is only ONE section of the city; the Acropolis (meaning the ‘highest point’) sits atop a hill in which you have a 360 degree view of the city. The entire city surrounds the Acropolis and looks incredibly massive from the point of view.

(^this is the Temple of Athena Nike…girl power right?! Athena was a goddess of wisdom and war, and kicked some major ancient Greek butt.)

While sight-seeing in Athens was amazing, our favorite part of the trip was the food. We would scout the streets for the best gyros (pronounced “euros”!) and only spend about $5 for a full meal per person. We ate a toooooon of tzaziki, Greek salads, and great, cheap wine. Instead of splurging on fancy restaurants, I’d suggest simply wandering around the city streets and finding the local, street food. It’s AMAZING.

Because the Greek economy is unfortunately struggling right now, our US dollar goes a long way. You’ll get a ton of bang for your buck here, so go crazy! Oh, and be sure to pick up some beauty products with olive oil and donkey milk in it! I purchased a moisturizer with donkey milk that is now my favorite, and something that’s hard to find in the states.

Stay tuned for my favorite part of Athens: the POET SANDAL MAKER who makes custom sandals for you on the spot!!




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