the BOMBER JACKET: all black with Shannon Snow

September 7, 2016

ASOS bomber jacket: shop here and here and here // SHANNON SNOW dress: shop here and similar here and here // KATE SPADE purse: shop hereherehere and less expensive version here // ILLESTEVA sunglasses (40% off!): shop here // CHRISTIAN PAUL watch: shop here

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To keep this week’s trend of BOMBER JACKETS going, we’ll be talking about this two-toned, silk number from Asos. Not only is this one a great combo of rose pink and black, but it has a killer eagle embroidered on it (I’m not a big bird fan or anything, but this one is cool haha).

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If you have been following along with this blog for a while, you know comfort and practicality are two big, big factors in my book. Sometimes the cutest pieces are the most impractical and uncomfortable, so I get really excited when I find something that is both stylish and functional! Enter this SHANNON SNOW dress…this piece is made with the ‘latest performance material’ (aka super stretchable, flattering, durable fabric) and is created with the idea to transition from work to night. During the day, wear this with your jacket of choice for your professional look, and then at night you can show off the cutouts!

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(^cool eagle right?)

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With Labor Day signaling the end of summer, the weather has follow suit and is starting to cool off a bit. Here in Napa, the days are still really warm (about 90 today!), but the afternoons dip in temp quite a bit. This dress/bomber jacket combo has been a go-to look for me recently because it transitions so perfectly from day to night. With a silk bomber, you instantly dress up any daytime look you have on without having to change any other part of your outfit.

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A new discovery of mine that I’ve been obsessed with as of late is this CHRISTIAN PAUL watch: peach Italian leather band, rose gold hands, and a marble face. I think we can all agree that marble anything is amazing, but this watch is especially beautiful. Not only does it look great and pair with any outfit, but it’s comfortable to wear. Unlike other watches, I never have to adjust it and mess with it.

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ASOS bomber jacket: shop here and here and here // SHANNON SNOW dress: shop here and similar here and here // KATE SPADE purse: shop hereherehere and less expensive version here // ILLESTEVA sunglasses (40% off!): shop here // CHRISTIAN PAUL watch: shop here

This bomber has quickly become a favorite (also wear it with a tank and black skinnies or a crop top and high-waisted trousers) and I’ve been able to wear this versatile dress to work, day events, and going out at night (it even comes with a pair of bike shorts so you can bike in it!!).

Be sure to show off any great bombers you’ve found recently by tagging me on Instagram (@vogueinvines)…I’d love to see!



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