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Santorini summer: Greece part 3

June 16, 2017

Santorini time!

This was our last stop on the trip, and we were SO excited to explore this famous island. We took a quick flight from Athens (about 25 minutes) for our 2 night stay in Santorini. While there were many things to look forward to on this island, we were most excited about our accommodations. We stayed at the SOPHIA LUXURY SUITES and it was phenomenal. Check out photos below…

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This ‘hotel’ is nestled into the cliffside of the island. They don’t have a traditional lobby and hotel rooms, but each suite is completely separate and unique. Our room (called the Enigma) had it’s own plunge pool, living room, master suite AND lofted bed! We had a record player that we played old Frank Sinatra records on, and a fridge stocked with wine, beer, and snacks. Not only was the suite gorgeous, but the staff was absolutely incredible. We felt completely spoiled and pampered the entire time.

(^ our bathroom had a disco ball in it…amazing right?!)

Another thing that made this hotel so cool was it being built into the cliffside. Our concierge explained that there was a major earthquake some time back, and the island was destroyed except for the caves that were built inside the cliff. Everything was decorated to match this island/cliffside and had a cozy, chic aesthetic to it. Where we stayed is right in the middle between Oia (the town with the white buildings with the blue tops) and Fira (a major town on the island and plopped right in the middle). Staying in this location, we were able to make the 30 minute walk to Fira along the cliffside, and ATV to Oia in about 20 minutes. Perfectly central!

Our first morning on the island, we decided to hike this ‘rock’. One thing you don’t realize when staying on a cliffside is how many stairs there are! We must have walked about 300 stairs just to get down to the start of the trail…which then winded up, down and around this rock.

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Even though I was sucking wind with all these stairs (so out of shape from eating our way through Croatia), the views are so stunning that they serve as a great distraction. From this point on the island, you can see both tips of Santorini as it’s shaped like a banana. The water is calm and peaceful, and the cliffside has a majestic quality to it that’s hard to find elsewhere in then world.

(^this is the very northern part of Santorini and the town of Oia rests on the tip)

Behind Brad and Kate is where our hotel sits. All of these buildings are separately owned and operated hotels, offering tourists each something a little bit different. While our hotel had private plunge pools, others had a community pool that you could actually swim in. If you’re planning a trip to Santorini, be sure to explore all your different options!

(^to get to the very top of the rock, you have to do some rock climbing! We only got up to this point as it turns into a vertical climb afterwards)

At the base of this rock, you’re able to walk down more stairs and reach this tiny little church. It’s not open to the public, but it sits right at the edge of the cliffside and overlooks the sea. This church has your infamous white stucco and blue rounded roof, and is adorable!

To sum up Santorini in a few sentences, this island is a destination for those who appreciate great views. Almost everything on the island is centered around the views: the hotel locations, restaurant patios, etc. And the most popular thing to do in Santorini is to watch the sunset. People flock to the cliffside as the sun sets to catch a glimpse, and dinner reservations and afternoon activities revolve around catching the sight. Most things are fairly expensive here as it caters solely to tourists, so be mindful of what you’re spending your money on!

Since the island itself doesn’t have too much going on (popular activities include ATVing, visiting their few beaches, and taking a boat around the island), splurging on luxury accommodations is the way to go. We spent most of our first day lounging in our pool, ordering room service, and enjoying this crazy view.

I’ll be sharing our day trip to Oia soon, so stay tuned! Be ready for the stereotypical ‘Santorini’ photos, and a few surprises about this town I wasn’t expecting.






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