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October 23, 2017

Tis the season…

…to spice up your home decor! I’m always looking for pieces to add or change to our home, so I thought I’d share a few of my favorites. We are SO grateful that our home was spared from these crazy fires, and we have felt so appreciative to be back home; getting settled back in at home, I’ve spent some time donating old household items to fire victims and highlighting our favorite home decor. As we head into fall, I like to bust out the fuzzy blankets and shift our decor to more a comfy, warm vibe. Here’s what we currently got going.

‘Home is Where you Park It’

As many of you know if you follow me on Instagram (@vogueinvines), we own a VW camper van (an ’82 Westfalia to be exact). So for Joe’s birthday last year, my mom found this cool book called ‘Home is Where You Park It‘ by Foster Huntington. This picture diary shows a wide range of camper type vans that people have either designed themselves, or purchased and made their own. Such a cool book with amazing photography and even cooler vans!

Another fantastic coffee table book is a collection of work by artist Alan Wolton. His paintings are right up my alley, heavy on the oil paint to create texture and a subtle mix of bright colors.

The artist, Alan, is a master impressionist painter and a Master Signature Member of OPA (Oil Painters of America). He’s been painting professionally for over 60 years in South Africa, Europe and the U.S. He is known for stunning, large-scale, impressionist landscape oil paintings that are featured in galleries across the U.S. The artist currently works out of his home studio in Sedona, AZ.

Walton was inspired to create this new series of panting through travel and exposure to new subject matter, which he says leads to his creative expression. “I don’t even touch the canvas until the pictorial design, color, and emotional energy of the mental image is complete in my head“.

If you’d like to purchase this book, head on over to his website as a special request under “Contact Us”:!

(^This is Alan…look how massive these paintings are! So cool…)

Silk Flowers: shop herehere, and here

I’m not sure about you, but I CANNOT for the life of me keep indoor flowers alive. I love having potted plants in the house for the aesthetic, but I’ve sadly killed a slew of hydrangeas, calla lilies, orchids and even succulents! So I told myself I’m not allowed to have any more live plants (for the sake of the plants) and have now transitioned to fake flowers. Thankfully, silk flowers have come a long way and now are actually really beautiful, look very real, and obviously will last forever! I found these ones at Pier 1 and simply mixed white peonies with blue hydrangeas. Check out their other varietals!

Record Player : shop here, here and here

This could be one of our most used and cherished home accessories. This 5 in 1 record player simply plugs in, and can play records, radio, and hook up to your phone. We’ve slowly collected about 50 vinyl records (everything from Marvin Gaye’s Greatest Hits to Kip Moore’s new album) and love playing music from it while we cook. They now make some amazingly cool travel players that play from battery (great for camping or an outdoor BBQ) and even some clear, acrylic ones. This guy we bought from Target, but hard over to Urban Outfitters for their larger selection!

Standing champagne bucket, Barrel Lazy Susan, Cookbook stand

Since we live in Napa, I like to add a few local pieces pieces around the home. I think a subtle touch of ‘wine country’ flare is perfect, as going overboard with the Napa Valley theme gets a little cheesy. We were gifted this beautiful standing, wine, ice bucket which we weren’t using too often, so I threw an indoor plant in it and it actually looked pretty cute! I did the same with our wine barrel Lazy Susan, decorating it with our KitchenAid, succulents, and a Bouchon Bakery Cookbook. Since Napa is home to some of the best restaurants in the state, displaying a local cookbook is a great way to add a personal touch to your kitchen.

Velvet Chair from Amazon ($129)

Ikea Shoe Rack

Two of the best steals I’ve found for our home (and specifically my home office), is this aqua blue velvet chair and these shoe/book rack from Ikea. I love a bold statement chair, and especially when the price is right! This velvet chair from Amazon is a gorgeous color, extremely comfortable, and is the perfect addition to any room in your house. I also scored with these Ikea racks that mount directly onto your wall; I have a little bit of a ‘shoe problem‘ and have more shoes than closet space, so I found these puppies to solve my problem! I flanked two of the shelves alongside my window, and filled them with my shoe overflow.

Manolo Blahnik: The Art of Shoes

I got this book as a gift from a girlfriend for my birthday, and display it in my office. Not only is this a beautiful book and so fun to thumb through, but doubles as a great decor piece.

How about a hat wall!? I also have a little ‘hat problem‘ and have collected quite a few over the years. I never had a great way to store them (and you have to be careful not to bend the bill or squish base) so I had to get creative. To recreate this hat wall at home, find your favorite metal clips that have a hole in the base. Then take clear thumb tacks and pin the clip to your wall, and clip your desired hat onto the clip. Space your hats out in whatever shape you like, and create a great way to store your hats and decorate a wall!

We recently (and very excitedly) moved my parent’s piano into our house! This is the piano my sister and I grew up playing and my parents were nice enough to let me borrow it for a while. I’ve been on the hunt for a piano for months, so was pretty pumped when this guy showed up. To create our ‘Music Room’, I found a few key pieces to make this room functional and also comfortable to actually play the piano, guitars, the ukulele, banjo and cello!

Guitar hangars: shop here // Piano stool: shop here // Side table: shop here //  Sheepskin area rug: shop here // Floor area rug: shop here

I have a tendency to change around couches, chairs, shelves, and other decor pieces to keep an updated feel in our home, so check back soon for another home decor post soon! For any questions about where to find some of these pieces (although I have linked everything), feel free to drop me a note at

What are some of your most cherished pieces you display in your home? Comment below!







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