My Fairy Hair Godmothers at Stem Salon

January 10, 2018

Ok guys…

We all know finding a salon and stylist you like and trust can be difficult/frustrating/time consuming, so I’m here to solve all your hair troubles! I found Stem Salon coincidentally on Instagram (I kept clicking on hair photos I liked and they all happened to be Stem Salon’s!), and was very excited to give them a try. My first cut and color was a drastic one in which I cut off about 8 inches and went much brighter (find the post here)! And ever since I’ve been hooked…heres why:


My hair situation before my cut and color was a little sad…a grown out ‘short’ cut that had lost all shape and tone. I had split ends galore (^see photo above!) and was in a desperate need of healthy ends and fresh color. So my fairy godmothers came to the rescue! I had my color done by Jessie Warnken (find her Instagram here) in which she lightened up my overall color with focus on lighter pieces framing my face, and a cool tone to keep off that blonde brassiness. She kept the color natural, integrated and toned it perfectly to compliment my skin tone. She killed it right?!

And for my cut, I was able to see Elizabeth, the owner of Stem Salon! Elizabeth did both my cut and color for my big hair transformation earlier in the year, so I knew I liked her approach. She not only listens to what you’re looking for (I asked for shorter layers around my face and blunt ends that will curl well), but she also takes notice to how your hair naturally falls and moves to ensure your cut is right for YOU.


I now have several friends, neighbors and family that visit Stem Salon and have only gotten great reviews from them as well! AND not only does Stem Salon transform your hair, but they also believe in philanthropy and helping women feel great in another way: their ‘Hair for the Heart‘ Women’s Event. This event takes place on January 14th in which they will open their doors to women in need of complimentary color and cut services! Most of us know someone who may be going through a crisis, recently lost their job, or battling to get through day by day–Stem wants to give back to their community by offering this generous service.

They want these women to regain their confidence and feel renewed. If you know someone in need of this, please email them a short narrative with a current photo nomination your friend or family member to Please take advantage friends!

Feel free to shoot me a not with any questions about the salon, personnel, or hair advice!



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