LAYERING: cherry reds for fall

October 23, 2016

eSHAKTI dress: shop here and similar here here and here // VALENTINO shoes: shop here and here // CHLOE sunglasses : shop here // ROMWE sweater: shop here // H&M red coat: shop here and similar here // HUXEN & CO scarf: shop here


Red is a pretty universal color, but always has a festive feel to me. It reminds me of the holiday season reflecting the leaves changing and Christmas of course. So to wrap up this week’s trend of LAYERING, we’ll be talking about pairing cherry reds together!


One of my favorite things about having a blog is being introduced to new brands and companies I wouldn’t have normally found. One of those brands is a creative and unique clothing line called eShakti. Not only do they make quality, classic designs, but each piece is customizable! For example, this red midi dress has 7 sleeve options (cap, long, quarter, etc.) and comes in 4 different lengths (short, knee, midi and long)…so cool right?! I love being able to personalize their base designs to fit my style and shape, and have a hand in creating a piece that works for me.

layers-3-1-1-of-5 layers-3-3-of-16layers-3-1-3-of-5

(^red is one of my favorite colors to go monochromatic with…even though it’s a strong color, you can never look too matchy-matchy)


Our next layer is adding a cropped sweater ontop of this dress. I adore cropped shirts and sweaters, but it’s sometimes hard to know how to style them without your stomach peaking through or having that awkward undershirt showing. But layering a cropped sweater on top of a dress (especially one with a high waistline) will look adorable! This layer will take you from a  daytime to an afternoon look instantly, and give you a little extra warmth as the sun starts to go down (and this top is only $24!! And comes in other colors).

layers-3-4-of-16 layers-3-6-of-16

And then add more red! Like I mentioned before, I don’t think you can ever have too much red in an outfit. To pull this look together, layer a longline coat on top for those cool, fall nights. Here in Napa, the days have been extremely warm (high 80s) but temps drop very quickly once the sun starts setting…you can be sporting a summer dress all day and then at about 8:30-9, it’s freezing! 
layers-3-8-of-16 layers-3-9-of-16

(^your reds don’t have to match perfectly either!)

layers-3-10-of-16 layers-3-11-of-16 layers-3-12-of-16

For our last layer, I always feel coziest and warmest with a comfy scarf around my neck. In this week’s earlier posts, I added a fur scarf (found here) and a silky infinity scarf (found here) to finish the outfit, and we end with a knit cowl here! I adore a good chunky knit and think it adds texture and contrast to your look. And this one specifically by Huxen & Co (a California based shop hand knitting everything) is extremely comfortable, soft and foolproof; don’t hustle with adjusting the shape for hours, simply pop it on and it lays perfectly around your neck! And you can get everything in her shop for 20% off using code “VOGUEINVINES20“! Go check her out!

layers-3-13-of-16layers-3-16-of-16 layers-3-14-of-16 layers-3-15-of-16

eSHAKTI dress: shop here and similar here here and here // VALENTINO shoes: shop here and here // CHLOE sunglasses : shop here // ROMWE sweater: shop here // H&M red coat: shop here and similar here // HUXEN & CO scarf: shop here

Layering not only works practically for fall weather as we transition out of warm summer days, but it looks so chic as well! And layering this bright, cherry red color gives you a fun, dynamic and sophisticated look. Be sure to check out some of these new brands I’ve been talking about listed above and don’t forget to redeem your discount to Huxen & Co!



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