Keeping your summer tan all year long

October 13, 2016

LUNA BRONZE tanning moisturizer: shop here // LOVING TAN deluxe bronzing mousse: shop here (mitt included for $10 off) // ST. TROPEZ self tan express: shop here and applicator mitt here


Summer is officially over (no!) and one thing that goes with the season is your bronzy tan you’ve been working at all summer. I don’t think it looks all that natural to be super dark during the fall and winter, but I think everyone looks a little better with a subtle glow. And to keep that glow up when we can’t get it from the sun, we need a little help from our self tanners! In the last few years, self tanners have come a loooooooong way and there ware some excellent products out there now; they won’t turn us orange, smell terrible or leave our skin streaky and splotchy. I’ll take you through my 3 favorites I use constantly: one is instant, one requires half a day of application, and one is a daily user. Hope you enjoy!

  1. Luna Bronze Gradual Tanning Moisturizer | daily use


Luna Bronze is my newest find and my daily user. I’ve tried quite a few other daily self tanning moisturizers, and all of them were way too smelly and left my skin with an orange hue to it. Nothing was worse than applying a tanning moisturizer in the morning, and then still smelling it that evening, am I right?! Luna Bronze is my new favorite because it applies easily to your skin, has a mandarin/lemon myrtle/orange blossom scent, and gives you that bronzy glow over time. It is packed with nourishing coconut, rose hip and jojoba oils and rich with Vitamins A, B & E to help fight signs of aging. I apply this to my entire body after exfoliating my skin and slowly tan throughout the day! It’s simple, clean, easy and gives great results.



2. Loving Tan Deluxe Brozing Mousse | 6 hour minimum

I started using Loving Tan after a tan-oholic friend recommended it. I keep going back to Loving Tan for three reasons: it applies evenly and easy in it’s mousse form, it dries quickly, and it can be worn under clothes. This self tanner is your go-to if you need a nice glow by the end of the day but don’t have time to wait around for an instant tan. Simply exfoliate during your morning shower, apply Loving Tan, and get dressed for the day. By the time you get home from work, you’re tan! This is also odorless once applied on your body, and has the best applicator mitt I’ve used that eliminates streaks and stains. And it’s created by Australians who know what tan is all about haha!

tan-5-of-8 tan-6-of-8


3. ST. TROPEZ Express Bronzing Mousse | 1-3 hours 

And last but certainly not least is St. Tropez’s bronzing mousse. This was one of the first self tanners I tried and have been going back to it ever since. This is your instant tanner. In just 1 hour, you can have a light glow, 2 hours will give you a medium hue and you’ll be dark and bronzy by 3 hours! If I have a few hours to spare in the morning before heading out for the day, I’ll apply St. Tropez using their applicator mitt, and a few hours later have a streak-free, olive-toned tan. Seeing results this quickly is very satisfying and also cost effective! Instead of spending $50-$60 on a spray tan, simply apply St. Tropez for your instant tan. One bottle will last you quite a long time and keep you nice and glowy all season long.


A final thought I want to end on is the practice of using a self tanning lotion or mousse instead of a tanning bed. Although I’ve never tried a tanning bed myself, I wrote an extensive research paper in college on the harmful effects of UV radiation tanning. Without getting into the gory details, they can be extremely harmful for your skin, increase your risk for skin cancers like melanoma, induce premature skin damage (wrinkles, brown spots, etc.) and can be very damaging to your eyes. With all the great alternatives available to us now, we can get an instant tan just as easily with lotions and mouses at home, or pop in for a spray tan. Stay away from those beds please!!


LUNA BRONZE tanning moisturizer: shop here // LOVING TAN deluxe bronzing mousse: shop here (mitt included for $10 off) // ST. TROPEZ self tan express: shop here and applicator mitt here

If you have any questions about any of these products, how to use them, etc. feel free to comment or shoot me a private email: Happy tanning!!



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