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November 2, 2015

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Happy Monday friends! I’m excited to share with you my step by step tutorial on getting that perfect, red lip! I don’t know about you, but I always had a tough time wearing bright, bold lipsticks for fear of stained teeth, smudging, and not staying. But I’ve learned a few tricks that will give you that bold color all day long!

Before even thinking about applying color to your lips, make sure your lips are scrubbed and moisturized. If you’re seeing flaky and chapped lips, no product or process in the world will give you that luscious red lip you’re striving for. I use this lip mask or this lip scrub to remove any dry skin and follow with a moisturizing chap stick (like this Burt’s Bees balm).

Next, I use this Maybelline concealer and lightly brush my lips. This gives you a neutral canvas so your color will appear much brighter and more saturated than on naked lips. This specific concealer is perfect as well for it’s spongy applicator; your make up will smoothly adhere to your lips without adding a heavy layer of product.

Now for color! I use a Revlon Color Stay lip liner to outline my lips and set a frame for my color. Next, apply your lipstick to your lips using a lip brush or directly applying product to your lips. I’ve been using this Revlon “Love that Red” #725 lipstick because I love it’s bright and bold color, but find a shade that matches your skin tone best.

Finally, I finish off my lips with my newest, favorite secret weapon: this Duocce Lip Stain. This stain is highly pigmented, dries to be completely touchable, and will actually stay on! It applies like a lip gloss with a spongy tip, but adheres to your lips and “stains” them instead of having product sitting on top waiting to be smudged and transferring to your food, napkin, etc. BONUS: this stain comes with a separate gloss if you choose to go from matte to shine!

I recently attended my husband’s release party for his 2012 To Kalon vintage and wore red lips through cocktail and oyster hour, a 4 course dinner, and many, many, many sips of wine. I always cringe slightly when a wine glass is painted with red lip prints, but mine was crystal clear. Follow me on Instagram @vogueinvines to see more pics of this event and day to day life here in Napa!

xoxo Hannah

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