Holiday skin: products to keep your complexion party-ready

November 30, 2016

It’s almost December ah! Hopefully you guys took advantage of the insane cyber week deals and did some damage. But did you remember to stock up on your beauty products for those holiday parties? I always forgot to change my make up and skincare products with the change of the seasons, so I’m here to help you remember as well! Here are a few of my favorite new finds that will keep your skin party-ready.


It’s very rare for me to find multiple products in one company that I like. I’m usually using one foundation from Dior and a pressed powder from Too Faced…but I’m a big fan of ALL products I’ve tried from IT Cosmetics. Read why!


^Anti-Aging face palette: shop here

I’m all about efficiency and low maintenance when it comes to make up, so having a 3 in 1 face palette is right up my alley. What I love so much about this one is that the pressed powders are extremely concentrated. One swipe of the bronzer, blush and highlighter is all you need to get noticeable color and contour. This palette gives you great definition and an overall glowy complexion…my new favorite for sure!


^Vitality Lip Flush: shop here

This crafty little lip stain is SO cool to me. First of all, there’s no color on the actual lipstick (as you can see it’s almost translucent). But it ‘flushes’ your lips and creates a really pretty fascia upon application. It’s also extremely hydrating so it feels more like a chapstick than a lipstick. AND it has anti-aging properties working away on your lips while you’re wearing it!


Bye Bye Foundation: shop here // Hello Lashes mascara: shop here // Bye Bye Under Eye concealer: shop here

I am extremely picky when it comes to foundation, so finding one that also has SPF 50 seemed too goo to be true. This ‘Bye Bye’ foundation quickly replaced my old stuff because it gives such great coverage without having to use much. Simply dot a few drops on your cheeks, nose, chin and forehead and blend using a foundation brush. You’ll instantly have flawless skin in 2 minutes! Another IT product that instantly grabbed me is is this ‘Bye Bye’ under eye concealer; I usually skip the concealer step because it often looks unnatural, but this product is amazing. You only need a tiny, tiny, tiny amount that you dap under your eyes and simply pat to blend…and it looks like you took an eraser to any lines or bags under there! It’s seriously insane.



By far the most BEAUTIFUL make up I own is lilah b, a beauty line that is crafted in these gorgeous, white, porcelain stones. I now have most of their products as they are such great quality and so fun to collect! These would make a perfect stocking stuffer for the beauty loving gal.
holiday-skin-5-of-19 holiday-skin-6-of-19

Another thing I love about lilah b. is their new holiday set. You can curate your very own set by choosing 3 of your favorite products! In my set (seen below), I have a face mist, lip brush, and lip/cheek stain. But if you’d rather haven of their foundations, eye shadow palettes, or concealers, you’re able to add those instead!

holiday-skin-7-of-19 holiday-skin-8-of-19

^lilah b. Holiday Set: shop here

These sets come with your own case, cutely wrapped in a gift box! I’ll be giving away a fully customizable holiday set on Instagram just in time for Christmas, so be sure to follow me @vogueinvines!


NO 7 Stay Perfect Foundation: shop here // ANASTASIA Brow Wiz: shop here

With the change of the weather, it’s a good idea to change what products you’re putting on your skin as well. In summer months, a lighter and more sheer foundation works well. But as the air dries out and our skin is exposed to harsher weather, we need to layer up heavier products on our skin. I have been using the IT foundation as well as this No 7 ‘Stay Perfect’ foundation, which provides amazing coverage and an airbrushed affect. This stuff applies incredibly easily and blends with your skin smoothly and effortlessly. When I first used this upon buying it, my husband even noticed a change in my make up (which is saying A LOT!!)

Probably my VIP beauty product is this ANASTASIA Brow Wiz pencil. I love natural looking brows and tend to shy away from stencils and anything too drastic, so this pencil is perfect for just that. It fills your brows so easily and makes them look like your own…this little guy can change your entire look in a couple swipes!holiday-skin-4-of-19

EVER Overnight Oil: shop here

Winter is all about keeping your skin moisturized, and my go-to product is this overnight facial oil. Not only does it literally smell like roses, but it absorbs into your skin so much better than any cream ever could. I know a lot of us are nervous about putting an oil onto our face, but this serum like product is a game-changer in keeping your skin fresh, moist, and healthy during the winter. I wake up after applying this at night with soft and supple skin…you need to try it!

holiday-skin-10-of-19 holiday-skin-11-of-19

Pur-lisse: shop here (beauty through asian wisdom)

Any product whose tag line is ” beauty through asian wisdom” is high on my list 🙂 I recently discovered Pur-lisse and wonder how I ever lived without it. I start my day by first applying their Blue Lotus Daily Moisturizer (with SPF 30), and end those stressful days with a White Tea + Blue Lotus face mask and brightening serum. Their products all include Blue Lotus, White Tea, Lupine Peptides, Soy Proteins, and Seasilk which help fight aging and keep our skin fresh and vibrant. I love finding these new brands that actually work and make a difference in your skin; sometimes the big name brands deliver more hype than substance and we end up paying for the designer name more than the product itself. Pur-lisse and EVER both bring quality and effective products that will actually make a difference!


Hopefully this walk through my favorite winter products will help keep your skin hydrated, flawless and ready for the holidays. If you have any questions about specific products listed, feel free to shoot me an email at! Remember to change up your skin care routine as well as your make up products to accommodate the changing weather…happy December!




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