The Hydrafacial…is it worth it?

September 6, 2017

So fresh and so clean!

I’m a very big advocate for getting consistent facials, but finding the right one for you can be tricky. I’ve spent too much money experimenting with different types of facials and paying through the roof to basically just get a bunch of creams rubbed on your face for an hour. A facial should always do 3 things: exfoliate, extract, and moisturize… no exceptions!

My ride-or-die aesthetician does all three (and tints both eyelashes and eyebrows AND waxes brows!), so I’m wary to try anyone new, but I was very intrigued by a new facial technique called the HYDRAFACIAL my friend Jenny was raving about. I did my research, and when I found Plastic Surgery Associates & Allegro Medspa offered one, I had to try! Let me explain exactly what it is, and why it’s worth the mucho dinero.

(^located right off 101 for easy access from Napa or from the city)

So what exactly is a Hydrafacial? This type of facial uses a machine to do all the dirty work, utilizing a vortex-fusion delivery system. You can see the device that my technician Ashley ^ was using in the photo above and below; essentially, this machine clears your skin of all things bad while simultaneously putting back all things good! The Hydrafacial leaves your skin softer, helps with any hyper pigmentation, the shrinking of pores, and fine lines and wrinkles. I’ll walk you through step by step how the procedure went.

Step 1: Vortex exfoliation

After a quick consultation with your technician about your specific skin type and any problems you’re looking to correct, you dive into the first step! To begin, Ashely started with the exfoliation process which uses Activ-4 serum to remove dead cells.  This important step cleans and refreshes the skin, allowing it to better absorb nutrients. The tool she uses basically looks like a chubby pen connected to the machine by a tube, and has a suction component while also delivering the serum onto your skin. So cool!

Step 2: Vortex peel

After all the dead skin has been cleared, you get a peel! Glycol serum (a patented mix of glycolic and salicylic acid) is used to give the skin a powerful peel. I loved this step because this is one thing I do not do for my skin at home. I remember chatting with my aesthetician a while back about different aging rates of men and women’s skin, and she mentioned that since most men shave on a regular basis, they are removing that top layer of dead skin consistently; this allows new skin cells to form on a daily basis, keeping their skin youthful and firm! This peel is doing just that (without having to shave your face haha, and without being painful or harmful).

Step 3: Vortex extraction

Now this step is a HUGE requirement for any facial I do. YOU MUST HAVE EXTRACTIONS! If during your facial they don’t remove all the dead skin cells, dirt, and pore-clogging agents that accumulate over time, it’s not worth it! What I loved about the Hydrafacial is that the machine does all the extractions by using it’s suction capabilities (instead of ‘picking’ at your face like other do). This painless step gets deep into your pores and uses beta-HD serum to free your skin of contaminants, leaving you squeaky clean!

Step 4: Vortex boost

At this stage in the Hydrafacial, a personalized blend of nutrients and antioxidants can be added to strengthen and moisturize tissues. I have drier skin, so my blend was focused on moisturizing and brightening. With many options based on your personal skin type, you’re able to really focus on any problems your skin has and work to correct those.

Step 5: Vortex fusion

After your skin has been exfoliated, peeled, extracted and boosted, you finished with the application of a unique serum. This  Antiox serum is designed as a powerful anti-aging tool to protect the skin with peptides and antioxidants. This final step ‘seals’ all that hard work in and allows your skin to be sheltered and protected. You will also get a layer of sunscreen to last you through the rest of the day (your skin will be more sensitive to sunlight after your facial).

Since the Hydrafacial is completely customizable, here are some other additions that you may choose to add!

  • Dermabuild – A combination of peptides to encourage collagen formation and improve cell strength for improved skin tone and better tissue elasticity.
  • Glysal – For a more in-depth treatment, Glysal uses aggressive exfoliation to better slough dead tissues away for clean, smooth skin.
  • HydraFacial Hands – Targets the uneven skin tone, dark spots, and fine lines of the hands.
  • HydraFacial Lips – Specific treatment for exfoliating, plumping, and hydrating the lips (I did this step and LOVED it. Your lips feel soft and supple)
  • HydraFacial Neck – Works along side of the traditional HydraFacial treatment to reduce fine lines and crepe-paper tissues along the neck and decollate.

So what did I think about the final result? AMAZING. I’ve never walked away from a facial with my skin feeling so incredibly clean, firm, and smooth. I couldn’t stop touching my cheeks because they were so soft! I asked Ashley how often she recommends getting these facials to see a long, lasting affect, and she recommends once a month. While this may be tough on the bank account, I believe taking care of your skin is worth the money. Instead of spending your money on make up to cover up all your skin’s imperfections, invest in quality products and quality procedures to correct your skin at it’s core.

It’s now been about a week since my facial, and my skin is still feeling clean and clear. It’s not as crazy soft and firm as last week, but still clear!

For more in depth information about the Hydrafacial at Plastic Surgery Associates and Allegro MedSpa, head to their website here. And check out their Hydrafacial membership which gives you a great discount if you’re looking to get a month facial!









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