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Exploring Dubrovnik: Croatia Part 1

May 19, 2017

Welcome to Dubrovnik!

Croatia has been #1 on my bucket list for years, and we finally got our act together to pack the bags, pawn the puppies off on our parents, and go! While you see all the gorgeous photos online of all that Croatia has to offer, it’s much more majestic and stunning when you can see it with your own eyes. I’ll walk you through exactly what we did, where we went, how we traveled and why!

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We started our trip in Dubrovnik and stayed right in the heart of the ‘Old City‘ (this is King’s Landing for all of you Game of Thrones fans). This city looks completely fake, like a Hollywood set. It’s impeccably clean and insanely charming. We stayed at an Airbnb (here) inside the city walls which I highly recommend; you are walking distance from everything you need to see and it’s completely affordable!

What to do in Dubrovnik from a blogger's point of view

We didn’t have anything planned ahead of time for Dubrovnik, so decided to simply explore and get lost inside the city walls. We wandered the streets the first night we arrived and found an adorable seafood restaurant to eat at. We asked the locals what the best thing to do in Dubrovnik is, and everyone responded that walking the city walls is a must! The next morning we got up early to beat the crowds, and climbed the stairs to start our walk above the city. An entrance ticket is about $12 and the walk along the city walls takes about 45 minutes…and the views are AMAZING!

Even though our only paid excursion was this walk around the old city, we were also recommended 2 other activities: sea kayaking around the coast and taking the cable car above the town. As you can imagine, the sunsets in Croatia are legendary and most afternoon activities are surrounded by catching the sunset. The cable car brings you to the highest point in Dubrovnik, so you can overlook the old city and watch the sun dib into the sea.

(^be sure to bring your GoPro if you have one!! The panoramic style photos look amazing)

The city walls are incredible to walk as you’re directly above the town but also overlooking the sea. You can see the local islands surrounding Dubrovnik while also peering down on the orange rooftops of the ancient town. While the walk is not treacherous at all, there are quite a few stairs so I’d recommend tennis shoes are sturdy sandals (I rocked my Flatform Tevas all trip!). It started to drizzle a little bit as we were walking and the stones got super slippery! 

Hotel Dubrovnik Palace

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As I mentioned before, it’s all about the sunset in Croatia. And the most recommended place to watch it is the Hotel Dubrovnik Palace (a five start hotel outside the city walls). What makes this hotel so ideal for sunset-watching is it’s lobby patio that overlooks the sea; with windows extending from floor to ceiling, you have a clear 180 degree view of the water. The lounge is actually called the ‘Sunset Lounge’ and is a must see. Grab a cocktail or glass of wine, and get ready to watch the most amazing sunset you’ve seen!

Not only is the Sunset Lounge stunning, but look at this pool!! While this hotel is outside of the old city, it is definitely worth the bus ride or taxi ride for a pool day and to watch the sunset. We actually changed our plans at the end of our trip to spend one night at this hotel! The rooms are spectacular, food is amazing, and the views are unbeatable.

Stunning am I right?! It’s a must-see if you are in Dubrovnik and one of our favorite things we did. It costs nothing, and something you will remember forever. I also believe that their pool is open to the public as there are no gates keeping the general public out, and towels are available to everyone! The pool isn’t heated though, so be sure to have a towel ready to warm up!

Stay tuned for my next post, which chronicles our drive from Dubrovnik up to Split! We stopped at an oyster stand, met some local kittens, and found some homemade treats along the way. I’ll also share which rental car company we used and describe the best way to navigate Croatia streets!



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