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    The Hydrafacial…is it worth it?

    September 6, 2017

    So fresh and so clean! I’m a very big advocate for getting consistent facials, but finding the right one for you can be tricky. I’ve spent too much money experimenting with different types of facials and paying through the roof to basically just get a bunch of creams rubbed on your face for an hour. A facial should always do 3 things: exfoliate, extract, and moisturize… no exceptions! My ride-or-die aesthetician does all three (and tints both eyelashes and eyebrows…

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  • A before and after hair transformation: 8 inches cut and blonde highlights added

    A hair transformation with Stem Salon

    Goodbye Goldilocks… I’ve been contemplating chopping my hair off for quite a long time now, and I finally pulled the trigger! Even though I do love having long hair, the constant upkeep, brushing, combing,…

    April 18, 2017
  • beauty

    What’s the deal with microblading?

    Micro what?? This was my first reaction when I was first approached about having my brows microbladed…anything that has the word “blade” in it immediately freaked me out, so I was more than a…

    March 28, 2017
  • beauty

    Keeping your summer tan all year long

    LUNA BRONZE tanning moisturizer: shop here // LOVING TAN deluxe bronzing mousse: shop here (mitt included for $10 off) // ST. TROPEZ self tan express: shop here and applicator mitt here Summer is officially over (no!) and…

    October 13, 2016
  • beauty

    3 Skin Care Products that ACTUALLY Work

    FIRST AID Ultra Repair Hydra-Firm Sleeping Cream : shop here // BELIF Soothing Mask : shop here // EVER Biomimetric Peel Pads : shop here I’ve tried dozens of facial masks with the hopes of…

    February 24, 2016
  • beauty

    How to: BEACH CURLS: Vogue in Vines Beauty

    Ever wonder how you get those loose, beachy-looking curls that look so effortless but so refined at the same time? Today I’m taking you through my step-by-step hair tutorial on how I get my…

    November 24, 2015