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December 14, 2015

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BEC & BRIDGE dress : shop here, ASOS version hereherehere and here, or RIVER ISLAND dress here // MISGUIDED heels : shop herehere, REVOLVE version here, or ASOS version here // PARK LANE jewelry : shop here // REVLON lipstick : black cherry 477 : shop here

As I was organizing my closet last week, I realized I’ve been filling my racks with one color: BORDEAUX! Maybe it’s because I’m surrounded by Napa’s wine culture, but I’ve been noticing this color (aka oxblood, burgundy, maroon) everywhere. Whether in a shade of lipstick, boots, handbag, or dress, BORDEAUX has become my new color obsession. Welcome to BORDEAUX week!

As I’m sure you’ve heard me babble about in the past, my newest favorite shopping site is Lyon & Post where I found this stunning Bec & Bridge dress. Not only do I love it’s unique neckline and open back, but it’s draped to perfection to give you a flattering ‘hang’. Other items I’ve been shipped this week from Lyon & Post include a lavender VINCE coat, Sachin & Babi coat, and a DVF dress. You get sent 4 items in your queue at a time and have 10 days to try them on for free in your home! Shipping is free both ways, and you are never charged a penny unless you keep an item. UH-MAZING right?!

While I find so much joy in splurging on shoes, I get even more excited finding a pair like these MISGUIDED tassel sandals that are both fabulous and affordable. Of course the color drew me into these puppies, but their rope and tassel detailing is inducible as well. I’ve linked other equally as stunning sandals as well so check them out!

To finish this look off, I grabbed a few new dedicated gold pieces from PARK LANE JEWELRY. I don’t often wear hoop earrings as I have a knack of getting them caught on something and almost losing an ear (ah), but these beauties are the perfect size and shape. I layered a few of their “nail” bangles as well that are bold enough to stand alone or stack perfectly with your other arm candy. I’m always looking for those prefect gold accents so if you find any you love, send em my way!

I’m excited to share my other BORDEAUX finds so stay tuned!



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