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A wine country Valentine’s Day

February 6, 2018

Decisions decisions…

We always struggle deciding what to do on Valentine’s Day…Dine out or eat in? So this year we’ve decided to do a little bit of both: appetizers and wine at one of our favorite restaurants, and then pick up dessert to go to be enjoyed at home.

As you can imagine, a full blown Valentine’s Day meal in Napa can get very expensive very quickly. While we’ve splurged on the multi-course meals at some of the top restaurants in the valley before, this year, we’re going to keep Valentine’s Day easy-going and focus on bringing together a few of our favorite things: local food, great wine, and most importantly, time spent together.

There are endless dining options in the Napa Valley but we have a few local favorites that are at the top of our list for a relaxed Valentine’s Day meal. To kick off the evening, we plan to walk down the street to Reddwood, a Richard Redington restaurant that is attached to Yountville’s North Block Hotel!

You cannot have a meal at Reddwood without ordering a pizza…it’s just not an option! A Prosciutto pizza to share, teamed with their chopped salad makes for a perfectly satisfying light meal (leaving plenty of room for dessert)! I like pairing this pizza with one of my newest wine favorites: a Robert Mondavi Winery red blend called Maestro. The wine is unique in that it was specially made for the winery’s 50th Anniversary. Each year it’s at the winemakers’ discretion as to which Napa Valley grapes they will use to make the best blend of the vintage; for the (second) 2014 blend, Joe and Genevieve created a mostly cabernet-based wine. Delicious!

After our appetizers at Reddwood, we’ll stroll down the street, past the French Laundry garden and the new Vintage Hotel, to pick up some desserts to bring home. As we live in a very special town called Yountville, we have some spectacular dessert options — from famous bakeries to our local chocolatier. We’ll grab an assortment of our favorite treats (macaroons, lemon tarts and chocolate bark), and bring them home to enjoy with a glass of dessert wine in front of the fireplace! An easy, slightly decadent finale to our romantic Valentine’s Day meal!

Joe and I don’t drink sweet wine on a nighty basis, but we love to open a bottle on special occasions. A wine that is lesser known but well worth exploring is the Robert Mondavi Winery Sauvignon Blanc Botrytis – a late harvest wine made from sauvignon blanc grapes. This wine is definitely sweet, but it has an interesting mix of honey and citrus flavors that keep you going back for more. If you haven’t tried a late harvest botrytised wine, grab yourself a bottle! It’s the perfect after-dinner wine and will be an exciting and interesting wine to share with friends and family.

For questions or comments about what to do for Valentine’s Day in Napa, feel free to comment below or shoot me an email at!



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