A weekend at Bodega Bay

April 24, 2017

It’s camping season!

One of the many perks of living in Northern California is our access to some of the best parks, beaches, mountains and therefore camping in the country. With both Joe and I working full time in Napa and the city during the week, we like to plan camping weekends in the spring and summer to get away from it all.

This weekend, we loaded up the VW Westfalia and camped at Bodega Dunes Friday and Saturday night, and drove the 10 minutes down the coast to the beach for a day trip.

(^This was only our second time camping in the Westy, and our first time with all 3 dogs! Frankie (our French Bulldog) and I were up top in the bunk bed)

While our camping packing list is quite lengthy, I’ll share some essentials we’ve learned will make your experience much nicer: bug spray (I make my own using essential oils-find recipe here), Yeti cooler (a must if you plan on bringing your own food for the entire weekend), outdoor mat or tarps (I love this blue printed one from Cost Plus), and easy to slip on and off shoes (I’m now obsessed with these platform Tevas…SO comfortable, a quick velcro strap if you’re going in and out of your tent, and your foot is elevated off the ground so you won’t get dirty or itchy from grass, sand, etc.)

If I’m ever outside for a long period of time, a sunhat and sunglasses are a must. My current favorite hat-sunnies combo is this straw hat from Banana Republic (only $48) and these Oakley tortoise shell frames. Finding comfortable shades and hat is critical because you don’t want to be readjusting, worries about your hat falling off, and ultimately ditching it completely because it’s too much for a hassle! My favorite hat brand is Janessa Leone because she uses high quality materials, and different sizes to accommodate all heads!

We got up a littler earlier on Saturday so we would one of the first ones at the beach. We brought a couple towels to sit on and enjoy the waves, but wound up walking up and down the shoreline most of the morning. This was Finnegan’s first time to the beach so he was going crazy in the sand!

(^Seriously, these Tevas are amazing. No need to take them off in the sand-you can walk in the soft, dry sand perfectly, head over to the compact wet sand, and back without getting your feet dirty and sandy. personally, I reaaaaaaallly don’t like wet, sandy feet and try to avoid at all cost!)

Teva Flatform sandals: shop here // Levis denim shorts: shop here // Marine Layer top: shop here // Banana Republic hat : shop here // Oakley “Latch” sunnies: shop here

For any questions about where we camped or what we packed for our weekend, feel free to email me at And follow me on Instagram @vogueinvines for day to day updates!


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