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A Parisian for the day

January 16, 2017

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There’s nothing more festive than Paris around Christmas time. There’s endless wreaths, lights, ornaments and Christmas markets adorning the store fronts and streets. Since we were there in mid-December, we decided to pop around Paris and explore all the festivities it had to offer! We bundled up (because it was freezing) and explored this charming city…here’s what we did!

My absolute favorite thing to do when in a different country is exploring their local shops. With the world becoming so ‘small’ these days, it’s often hard to find those small, local, boutiques in such a big city…but keep searching and you will find them! We popped into a salon/soap/perfume boutique that probably had over 100 different types of homemade soap. I picked up quite a few to use as Christmas gifts, my favorites being the Green Tea, Coconut, and Orange Blossom.

With this being my second time in Paris, I wanted to revisit some of my favorite neighborhoods and sights. One huge tourist attraction that is definitely worth a visit is the Notre Dame Cathedral. This piece of art is just as stunning and grand as it appears in photos. The architecture is absolutely incredible with every inch of the facade etched in detail, and the mere size of this cathedral is insanely impressive. And another bonus of visiting this attraction is the surrounding neighborhood…so charming! We walked around for a couple hours in this section of the city simply window-shopping and grabbing some wine and seafood for lunch.

(^every time I wear this lip stain I get asked what it is and where to get it, because it LASTS ALL DAY. No joke, I put this on in the morning before breakfast, and it stayed on until after dinner (accounting for 3 meals and a lot of wine drinking!). This lip stain by DUOCCE is my absolute favorite, and is lightweight and easy to apply. This color is a bright red called ‘red velvet’ but they come in other colors as well. Check em out!

This was our last full day in Paris before flying back to San Francisco, so we took the opportunity to simply cruise around Paris, find some local gifts for friends and family, and indulge in France’s great food and wine. I think it’s important when traveling to have a good balance of exploring the ‘touristy’ monuments, but also leaving time to act like a local for a bit. Get out of your comfort zone and try the local specialty dishes, drink their local wine or booze, and avoid the H&Ms and Zaras that we have back home! It’s very easy to revert back to what feels comfortable and what we’re accustomed to (I know I was craving Mexican food big time!) but you’ll miss a big part of their culture if you don’t embrace the different food and customs.

Besides exploring Notre Dame Cathedral, we also went to the Moulin Rouge in Paris which was AMAZING. They strictly forbid photos, but the show was outstanding and had quite a few big surprises throughout! If you have any more questions about specific spots we went to in Paris, feel free to comment and ask!



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