A day shopping at the Napa outlets

April 10, 2017

Outlets anyone?

I’ve always been a HUGE fan of outlets, and having one in Napa is verrrry dangerous for my poor bank account. BUT starting today at the Napa Premium Outlets, you can save money and shop for a good cause all at once! Let me explain…

J.CREW top ($27): shop here // LEVIS shorts (originally $60): shop here // Platform sandals ($37): shop here // GUCCI belt: shop here

The Napa outlets are participating in this year’s ‘More Than Pink Campaign‘ in which shoppers receive a discount card (which can be purchased for only $10); this discount card allows you to receive 1 item for 25% off with the goal of hoping to raise $2 million by next year! This partnership’s goal with Susan G. Komen is to hopefully reduce the breast cancer mortality rate by 50% within the next 10 years…and between now and May 31st, your dollars will go directly toward achieving this goal. Who knew shopping could lead to so much good!

My favorite shops at the outlets are by far J. Crew, Banana Republic, and Levis. I poked my head into J. Crew for the first time in a while and they have such cute inventory right now! This striped off-the-shoulder top was only $27 and I also picked up a pink/white striped top, dusty rose stiletto pants, a scalloped white tank, and some cute earrings (all for under $120!). I then walked over to Levis and grabbed these cute, black, denim cutoffs which are a staple in my wardrobe for spring and summer (I also got them in white).

I of course had to show off the new purchases to the pups 🙂  Finnegan is now 4 months old and Sampson probably weighs about 300 lbs haha not really, but he seems to keep gaining weight! I think he sneaks his brother’s food when we’re not looking…

LEVIS denim vest ($49): shop here // J. CREW pants ($49): shop here // BETCHES ‘Netflix and Chill’ shirt ($44): shop here // VANS from Zumies ($49): shop here // VERSACE sunglasses from Sunglass Hut ($130): shop full priced here

During my day at the Napa outlets, I also ventured into some of my other go-to shops: Zumies and the Sunglass Hut. While I feel I’ve probably outgrown most things at Zumies (this was my fav in middle school-high school), I still love a few of their staples! I still adore VANS so snagged these checkered ones, and I also got Joe a backpack as well.

Since my all-time favorite sunglass rental company has closed it’s doors (bye Ditto!), I’m now back to buying sunnies like a normal person. I always make a pit stop into Sunglass Hut because they have both ‘outlet’ options and ‘normal’ options: half the store is their discounted inventory and the other half is current, fresh styles. This gives you the options to save on designer pieces or splurge for the new stuff.

(^this shirt wasn’t purchased at the outlets but basically describes my life haha)

As you can see, there are some crazy steals at the Napa Premium Outlets right now!! While I have my favorite stores, there are many others that may spark your fancy. Check out their full list here, and start shopping! Remember this time period to save 25% ends on May 31st, and your money no longer will go towards a great cause (just cute stuff!).



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